Housevisits podcast

Housevists podcast

Housevisits #005 - Archives vol.1

The new Housevisits episode was published couple of days ago. In fact, it's not really new but old - 7 years old to be precice. I found some old mixtapes from the depth of my hard drive. They have never been available on web forums etc., but because they still represent my current sound pretty well, I decided to start a mixtape series simply called "Archives" for putting these old mixes online.

Housevisits #004 - 118

The latest episode of Housevisits Podcast is as dark and moody as is the Finnish weather right now. The sky is covered with thick clouds, keeping the sun out of sight for days in a row. The atmosphere is tiresome and melancholic, but in a strange way fascinating and refreshing at the same time. Listen to Anderi's set and you'll know what I mean.

Housevisits #003 - Bisoke Express

Better late than never... everybody's been a little bit busy, but the Housevisits podcast episode of the month has been released. This time it's Ykskaks behind the decks, bringing some good vibes in the middle of the most depressive time of year in Finland.

Without further speaking, let the percussions speak.

Housevisits #002 - Autum Feeling

The second episode of our monthly podcast is online. Freeve made a great mix that reflects the athosphere of cold, dark, and rainy finnish autumn. Check it out at our podcast website:

Housevisits #001 - Time to stop for a moment

Finally! Tremble Collective proudly presents Housevisits podcast.

We have planned this already for a long time now, but because of everybody's personal hurries and and summertime plans (Freeve spent whole July in Argentina, how cool is that!), launching the podcast has delayed and delayed...

Housevisits podcast

Tremble Collective will soon start a new (roughly) monthly podcast called Housevists. It will concentrate mostly on deep and soulful house music, i.e. that same great stuff we usually listen & play. Speaking of soul, Housevisits won't be only random mixtapes delivered one after another. Every episode will have a story to tell, and they will reflect the mood and feelings of their creators.

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