Sunday Fun

I've been busy for the past few weeks organizing a new Sunday chill-out club called Sunday Fun here in my home town Tampere with a friend of mine, a Tremble-veteran Ville Lope. We got the idea to start the club in late August, and the opening night was September 13th.

Althought Sunday Fun is not really a Tremble production, thought it would be nice to mention it here too, because hosting the club has been kept my attention away from house music lately. I've had to purchase quite a big load of downtempo tracks and listen them through. Sounds like a massive job to do in short time (well, it is!), but I'm really happy about it because I've discovered a lot of great music!

For more information about Sunday Fun, have a look at the websites below:

PS. Freeve is going to deliver a new episode of Housevisits podcast soon, stay tuned ;-)

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