Housevisits #001 - Time to stop for a moment

Finally! Tremble Collective proudly presents Housevisits podcast.

We have planned this already for a long time now, but because of everybody's personal hurries and and summertime plans (Freeve spent whole July in Argentina, how cool is that!), launching the podcast has delayed and delayed...

So let me describe briefly what this is all about. Housevisits is a podcast that delivers deep and soulful house music roughly once a month. We do this purely for fun and because we love the music we are playing. And, of course, it's a new and exciting way to make promotional mixtapes!

The first episode of Housevisits podcast is made by yours truly. It's called "Time to stop for a moment", and it's a story about those moments in life when things don't go exactly as planned. It also starts my personal set of mixtapes called "Soulful stories" (more about that later).

For all essential information about the podcast, navigate to

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