Ritchey Heraldic @ Splendid! [house] 22.05.2009

  1. Kerri Chandler - Track 1 revisited
  2. Kerri Chandler - We All R 1
  3. Rick Wade - Jazz Torrent
  4. Phil R feat. Jay Roland - On the Floor (Main Vocal)
  5. Ray Valioso - Groove Memories
  6. Steal Vybe feat. Chris Dockings - My Soul Cries Out (Vocoder Dub)
  7. Quentis Harris feat. Jason Walker - Can't Stop (Joey Negro Remix)
  8. Ricardo Rae - Try
  9. Gianluca Pighi feat. Robert Owens - Black Man
  10. Ritchey Heraldic - [untitled]
  11. Sam & Gigi - Come & Dance (Heraldic Dub Edit)

This was a b2b2b set with Ykskaks and Dr. Kobak O'Funk, played at lounge from around midnight until the end of the party. Only the tracks I player are listed here.

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