The Collective

Tremble is a house dj collective based in Tampere, Finland. Originally Tremble was founded in 2004, but its active period lasted only about a year. After that, the members of Tremble separated and the collective entered an era of deep sleep.

In 2009, almost exactly five years after the collective was originally born, Tremble reunited with fresh people and fresh atmosphere, now concentrating on deep, soulful, groovy, and mellow sounds of house and techno. The first new steps will be taken on a form of a podcast.

The Deejays

Ritchey Heraldic ::

Ritchey Heraldic is a deep house enthuasist, vinyl obsessed hardware-loving techno addict, hooked on soulful and mellow grooves of house music. He plays a great variety of house, ranging from deep and soulful tunes to uplifting vocal anthems, not forgetting groovy berlin-ish techno. As a dj, his tendency is to include unusual and not-so-known yet excellent records to his sets and not only choose the most obvious hits. Ritchey Heraldic is also a producer and has been busy in his studio in the beginning of 2009.

Anderi ::

Mr. Anderi Oldforest, born and raised in the deep wild of Finland, has a perculiar taste for tech and deep house. In his sets you can hear various elements of techno, house and maybe even soul and funk. He started playing records when joining Spinni, a club for electronic music in Tampere, in 2003. Even before that he was interested in different styles of electronic music. Playing piano and trumpet for couple of years has had some influence on the music he playes. Currently his playlist includes artist like The Mountain People, Rozzo, Milton Jackson and Jimpster to name a few.

Dr. Kobak O'Funk ::

Doctor Kobak hit the underground scene in 2006 bringing back the sounds from the past in the mix with more modern vibes. Playing tracks rich with groovy rhythms, sexy vocals, deep yet funky sounds forming the very essence of what we call House. This doctor will provide you with the cure that your soul has been looking for.

Freeve ::

Freeve (real name Veikko Lindberg) got into DJing at the tender age of 15. At that time he was into trance. Pretty soon he realised the lack of soul in it and started exploring other genres of electronic music. He found the soul he was looking for in house music. After that there was no returning back. Nowadays Freeve has been looking into the roots of house music and has got more and more into funk, soul and jazz. He is a true lover of simple and groovy housebeats, percussions and soulful sounds.

Ykskaks ::

Ykskaks fall into love for house music in 2003 after hearing an LP by Dimitri From Paris. About after a year from that, he bought himself a pair of turtables and began collecting records. With no musical background and having a history of "awful taste of music for a long time", Ykskaks is a little bit surprised to find himself in the current situation being a serious collector of deep house, soul, jazz, funk, and disco records. As a dj, he's mad for vinyl and will let the music do the talking.

The History

Tremble collective was founded in 2004 at Tampere by three dj'ing students, who shared similar taste of music and passion for spreading the vibes of house, trance, and progressive club anthems, not forgetting harder and techier tunes
In 2004 Tremble introduced clubbing to the youth of Ulvila-Rauma area of Finland with their Viheriƶ club concept. The parties were well-accepted by the young party people under 18, and it was something they haven't had possibility to experience before. In 2005 Tremble collaborated with the organizers of Mystical Mansion by providing an alternative party arena at the large venue of Sony Jazz Center in Pori.
Despite of a promising start and having grown to a group of six people, Tremble soon faded as the members were busy with their personal activities.

Founders & veterans
The grand old father of Tremble, Ville "Loopy" Lope has become one of the rising stars of finnish trance scene. Check out

Another original founder of Tremble has now reunited the collective as Ritchey Heraldic.

Nobody really knows what's up with Jelly. Rumours tell he has been hanging out in a nuclear power plant and the fields of bacteria cultivation... Jelly, make some noise!

Mike Kila

Rumours tell he's actually getting interested in house music =)


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